COMPEED® Advanced Corn Care
COMPEED® Advanced Corn Care
COMPEED® Advanced Corn Care
COMPEED® Advanced Corn Care
COMPEED® Advanced Corn Care
COMPEED® Advanced Corn Care

COMPEED® Advanced Corn Care

COMPEED® Corn cushions contain hydrocolloid active gel technology which relieves pain immediately and helps remove the corn. Not only does it stay in place for days*, it provides optimum cushioning from rubbing and pressure.

*individual experience may vary

10ct # of Cushions
Where to buy

Available in the Foot Care aisle at select stores at Rite-Aid, Pharmaca, Raley’s and SuperValu.

Hydrocolloid Technology

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Hydrocolloid Plaster: Compeed® Mode of Action

COMPEED® hydrocolloid technology provides instant pain relief thanks to the deeply cushioned layer, which quickly relieves the pressure that causes the corn. The renowned wound healing technology works to improve moisturization, which softens the corn, helping to remove it. Stays in place for days to help prevent further painful rubbing. Individual experience may vary.

Instant Pain Relief
Protects and cushions against rubbing and pressure
Helps soften and remove soft and hard corns
Long Lasting Protection

Properties of Compeed® active gel cushion

Properties of Compeed<sup>®</sup> active gel cushion
  1. Deep cushioning to rapidly release the pressure from corn and relieve pain

  2. Ultra adhesive and tapered edges so Compeed® flexes with movement and stays in place for several days

  3. Form fitting, waterproof and breathable design keeps natural moisture in and dirt out for faster natural healing

How to use

  1. Clean and dry skin before use.
  2. Remove the bottom paper, avoiding touching the adhesive side.
  3. Apply cushion over corn and smooth down the edges.
  4. Leave in place until it starts to come off naturally. The cushion may stay in place for several days.
  5. When ready to be removed, do not pull upwards. Pull slowly and stretch along the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do others say about Compeed® after using it?

After trying a free sample of Compeed®, over 20,000 members gave Compeed® a 4.6 star rating! Positive feedback was largely around added comfort when wearing/breaking in new shoes, immediate pain relief, and long lasting protection. Compeed® cushions are meant to – and actually do – stay on for up to several days! After trying Compeed®: 88% said they will recommend Compeed® Blister Cushions to family & friends, 78% said that Compeed® exceeded their expectations and performed better than what they typically use to treat blisters, and 50% said “long lasting protection” was a key benefit that Compeed® performed better on vs. other blister products typically used.

What is hydrocolloid technology?

A hydrocolloid is a moist wound healing dressing. It is an active gel containing particles that absorb excess wound liquid. The dressing swells to form what appears to be a white bubble, creating a shock-absorbent layer which protects the wound from further rubbing. The hydrocolloid in Compeed® Blister Cushions acts as a second skin to maintain the natural moisture levels, allowing fast wound healing with no scab and therefore reducing the risk of scarring.