Solid advice for those on their feet all day

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Solid advice for those on their feet all day Solid advice for those on their feet all day Solid advice for those on their feet all day

City life is a busy life. It seems like everyone is on their feet and on the go. Getting to work, getting to class, getting coffee, making it to a meeting, catching up with friends, getting a haircut, getting more coffee, picking up groceries, hitting the gym, meeting friends after work, getting dinner and finally, getting home. Exhausting, right?

People all over town are trying to get their 10,000 steps in. It’s a lot of walking and that’s great, but all this coming and going gets a little hard on your feet. To keep up the pace, we have to be kind to them and make sure they’re well cared for. Unfortunately, we can’t all wear our cozy slippers to work. All day in business shoes or high heels can be yet another obstacle to happy feet.

  • People who work on their feet all day are more likely to get blisters
  • Choosing the right footwear when on your feet all day/often can help prevent blisters forming
  • If blisters form, consider using bandages to help heal them

Caroline in the city

Take Caroline for example, she’s an art director for a digital agency. She likes to wear heels to work, because they look great and they make her feel confident. She knows a long day in heels can put a strain on her feet, so she chooses to wear them on quiet days at the office.

But hold on Caroline, there’s a change of plan. The client just arrived in town and wants to meet today to make some last-minute changes in the campaign. That means new deadlines, new meetings and lots of walking around in panic.

First, Caroline has to meet with the client. Her hotel is three streets away – too close for a taxi or the subway, so Caroline walks, but in heels three streets can become a challenge. Walk back to the office, sit for 20 minutes and then it’s off to another meeting with the designer. She starts to feel a small burn on her left foot but there’s no time to deal with it.

She takes a cab, but the road is blocked by construction, so she has to walk five streets and now the pain is stronger. By lunch, Caroline has no steam. Blisters have developed on both feet and they’re making her miserable. If she was in comfortable shoes she’d be running around and controlling her team, but instead she’s suffering in her office, searching her desk for a bandage.

If only she stocked up on specialist blister bandages.

Blister bandages not only help when you’ve developed a blister by forming a protective cushion, they can also be used in advance of you getting a blister. Simply apply the cushioned pad to the area where your shoes are rubbing to help prevent a blister.

COMPEED® Advanced Blister Care Mixed Sizes

COMPEED® Advanced Blister Care Mixed Sizes

  • Provides instant pain relief
  • Absorbs excess fluid
  • Forms a protective cushion
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By keeping blister bandages in your briefcase, handbag or desk drawer, you can prevent a blister from getting worse or ease the pain of a blister that’s already developed.

Peter the builder – can he fix his blisters?

Blisters don’t only affect women in heels. Take Peter for example, he manages a construction site. Today, he’s in new work boots that he hasn’t broken in yet. His day consists of checking the entire construction site, making sure everyone turned up, walking the architects around. Making sure supplies are sent to the right sections, walking the building owners around.

Dust and debris start to settle in his boots, blisters are starting to form, and Peter can definitely feel it. But there’s no time for a break or to search for a blister bandage. He toughs it out, but when he gets home, his feet are not a pretty sight. Too bad there were no specialist blister cushions or pads in his toolbox.

Blister bandages can:

  • Absorb excess moisture
  • Form a protective cushion that not only protects a blister but can also help prevent blisters from forming
  • Help blisters to heal by providing optimum healing conditions.


The bottom line is, blisters can happen to everyone, and although they may be small, they can catch you out and have the power to ruin your day. By keeping blister bandages in your briefcase, handbag or desk drawer, you can prevent a new blister from getting worse or ease the pain of a blister that’s already developed. So your day will be saved and you can keep on walking.

Rita Wanser
Rita Wanser
Medical Affairs Consultant
Rita is a Medical Affairs consultant and has worked with HRA for 3 years. She has been in the industry for over 40 years, building medical materials and claims substantiation for hundreds of cosmetic, personal care and consumer healthcare products. She has an extensive background in medical devices for wound and lip care, and has worked for several major Consumer Healthcare companies prior to beginning her consulting business in 2017.